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Frequently Asked Questions about dog poop cleanup in Az

Q Do I need to sign a contract for pet waste removal maintenance?

A No, our pooper scooper customers do not sign a contract. We give our pooper scooper customers the opportunity to cancel the service at anytime with as little as 24 hours notice.

Q What cities does Freshyards Pooper Scooper and dog poo clean up currently service in Arizona?

A Freshyards pooper scooper service offers pet waste removal and clean up in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek, Cave Creek, Care Free, Tempe, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon and more Arizona cities coming soon!

Q Can I leave my dog outside while you clean up the dog poo from my yard?

A Yes, you may leave your pet in your backyard, Freshyards Pet Waste Removal employees carry an ample supply of doggie treats for those pets with anger and temper management problems, and seem to make new friends with angerly challenged pets.

Q How much does the pooper scooper clean up cost?

A The service price varies depending on the number of pets you have and how often you would like Freshyards Pooper Scooper to service your yard. Please visit the pricing page for more information on pricing.

Q Do I have to be home while Freshyards Pet Waste Removal services the dog poo in my yard?

A No, Freshyards Pooper Scooper will clean up your yard even while you are away so you don't need to worry about rushing home for the pooper scooper. We will also leave a sticker on your front door to inform you that a professional pooper scooper came by and serviced your yard.

Q How do I pay for the dog poo clean up service?

A Freshyards Pet Waste Removal excepts most major credit cards, pay pal, check or even cash payments. Please visit the payment page to learn more about payment for services in Arizona. However, a bill is left once a month with the customer, and most customers prefer to mail a check into the office.


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Freshyards Pet Waste Removal and dog poop clean up is a full service pooper scooper company with offices located in Phoenix & Mesa, Arizona. We clean up yards in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Mesa, Ahwautkee and the rest of the Phoenix, Az metropolitan area. If you've ever wished that you could find a professional butler to clean up after your pet and his/her poop, your search is over! Freshyards Pet Waste Removal pooper scooper service is your pets personal butler to keep your yard and pet clean and healthy.

You will be so satisfied with Freshyards Pet Waste Removal and dog poo clean up service that we are willing to offer a free month of pet waste removal and dog poo clean up service. At Freshyards Pooper Scooper, our goal is to offer exceptional pet waste removal and clean up services while providing outstanding customer service to you and your pet. Freshyards Pooper Scooper service will clean up after most common household pets, including dogs, cats and more. You may even leave your dog in your backyard while we perform the clean up service. A Freshyards Pooper Scooper employee will visit your home on a regular schedule and clean up after your dog and will not leave until the dog poop is gone. The pet waste will then be bagged and left in the location of your choice or hauled away.

Please visit the other pages to learn more about professional pet waste removal and pooper scooper services in Arizona.

Currently Servicing...

Pooper Scooper Scottsdale, Az
Pooper Scooper Care Free, Az
Pooper Scooper Cave Creek, Az
Pooper Scooper Paradise Valley, Az
Pooper Scooper Tempe, Az
Pooper Scooper Chandler, Az
Pooper Scooper Gilbert, Az
Pooper Scooper Mesa, Az
Pooper Scooper Apache Junction, Az
Pooper Scooper Queen Creek, Az
Pooper Scooper Phoenix, Az
Pooper Scooper Gold Canyon, Az
Pooper Scooper Ahwatukee, Az

Pooper Scooper Glendale, Az
Pooper Scooper Peoria, Az
Pooper Scooper Avondale, Az
Pooper Scooper Tucson, Az



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